A Question of Hypocrisy

In the past week, Americans have watched as several protests have occurred in the Middle East. While thousands have engaged in peaceful protest, many have turned to violence. Many have been injured from Americans, to policemen, to the protesters themselves. Four Americans died at the U.S. Embassy in Lybia. All of this violence, all of this destruction, and all of this time spent in regards to what?

The actions of one film-maker from California.

Now, from a previous post, you know that I can agree that this particular film was, in fact, quite offensive. But, when it comes down to it, the individuals engaged in these protests, both peaceful and violent, have taken the actions of just one individual and applied them to us all as Americans. Chanting, marching, and riots in the name of American hate. American flags can be seen burning across the Middle East.

But never our money.

All of these protests occur in the shadows of the Arab Spring, a time where many of the nations engaged deepest in these protests desperately called out for American help and willingly accepted it upon arrival.

Lybia. Egypt.

I am sure that we all know that this country does not always keep the well-being of other countries at the forefront of its intentions. As a matter of fact, I would assume that we always care about ourselves first. But for entire nations to call on our help, our money, and we arrive with the intentions to help, only to be thrown away because of something one person said, in a nation of millions.

Actions like this make you think about just how much time we WASTE trying to help other nations that seem as though they will NEVER be thankful.


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