Thoughts on Libya and the Middle East

To those upset by recent (violent) protest in the middle east,

There is no way in which these actions can be presented as permissible, but there are several things that we can learn. Countries in the Middle East do not understand, and probably will not ever understand how our government operates. Separation of church and state is a completely foreign concept to them. A government that protects our rights to freedom of speech is foreign to them. Protestors are angry at our American government for allowing such a video to be produced. This goes to show that they do not understand.

However, while not illegal, the video was incredibly offensive and disrespectful. Americans need to learn that simply because you have the freedom to say something, does not mean that you should.

This brings me to my next point.

To my fellow Christians and perhaps conservatives,

This is why our nation is not, and should not ever be, a “Christian Nation.” Relations on the international level require calm, rational, and level headed thinking. Religion is opposite of these things. It is, and should be, passionate. These countries in the Middle East have blended their Religion with their country, and have taken threats to their religion as threats to their homelands. Because their religion has been called out, they have called on their countries to react. This is extremely dangerous, and even irresponsible.

This is my thought, and nothing more than that. When I hear individuals say that we are or should be a Christian nation, I take a moment to look at those who have done just this, and I must admit, I don’t like what I see.


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