America’s Largest Political Party: The I.D.C.

Democracies thrive on a well informed, educated electorate. Democracies simply cannot function with a voter base that does not know, and does not care to know about its government. It is an oxymoron. A government for and by the people is impossible when the people don’t care to have a government for and by them. Yet, this is what Americans do, election after election. This seems odd, or maybe its an exaggeration.

America’s voter turnout for federal elections hovers at about 48%.

48! Not even one half of the potential electorate. And, what’s worse, is that in years  that don’t coincide with presidential elections, it can be as low as 30-35%. Yet, many Americans complain that they do not have a voice in government; that government is out for itself, and nobody else.

What else could we possibly expect? By default, if the group of individuals that do not vote were to band together into a political party, they would outnumber both the Republican party and the Democratic party, combined. And yet, they are a political party, the I.D.C. What is their political stance? To let the American government run itself, with no checks or restriction. Essentially, 52% of the country votes, by not voting, to allow just this to occur. So, by the rules of majority, the government has become what it is today because it is what its people have requested.


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