Debate 1


This week, the “Presidential candidates” (because I guess there are only two of them and we should forget all of the third parties) squared off for the first of three rounds of debates. Both candidates came in with a good idea of the talking points they wanted to mention. So much so, that the night seemed like each candidate had a checklist of buzzwords and all they were doing was going down, checking them off one by one.

That was until Romney dropped a bomb. “Trickle down government.”

This is such an interesting concept.

Republicans are often times troubled by big government. They think that government, over the last 50 years, has become too big, and too inefficient to sustain.

Democrats look at this scenario a little bit differently. They look at economic hardship, or any hardship for that matter (think healthcare), as a problem they would like to personally fix or at least influence positively. This thought process leads to multiple programs designed to help “those in need.” This leads to more government agencies, more government workers, and more spending.

Now, what is interesting is that with big government comes more hierarchy, not much different than big business. According to Romney, money has to trickle down through the system before it ever reaches those in need.

In the debate, Romney made the correlation that Obama’s economic plan was about the same as his (trickle down), except not as beneficiary to the private sector.

What do you think?


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