There is no doubt that this election season has been filled with aggression and attacks, in both directions, almost without cease. The candidates, especially Mitt Romney in the most recent debate, have not been viewed in a positive light by voters and the media because of this very aggression.

This is something I have put a lot of thought into in the days since the debate. I have seen attack ads after attack ads and rallies filled with slams of the opposing side. All of this and then something, this time, left me uneasy; A bad taste in my mouth. I felt unhappiness towards Mr. Romney.

But, why?

Should he not be aggressive?
Should he not be passionate?
Should he not ask the questions he has been asking?
Am I angry with Mitt Romney, or am I angry at the very topics he is questioning?

All of these questions, and I’m not sure I have the answers for them all, or any. I do know one thing: I am skeptic of President Obama’s economic policy. When it comes down to it, we have watched our deficits grow at exponential rates within the last 4 years. Mitt Romney obviously shares the same opinion, and feels as though he could do a better job.

And who knows? He might be able to.

But, I ask you, whomever you might be, if you shared the feelings I had towards Romney after the debate, is there any other type of campaign that could possibly end with Romney winning, other than the way it is currently being run? Would his message be effective if he were more agreeable? More polite to the president?

Or would he just be good at words?

You see, Mitt Romney, if he wants to win the election, needs to convince the electorate not necessarily to vote for him, but not to re-elect the incumbent.

This election is very different than the last. George Bush had reached his term limit, and could not be re-elected. The election was between two new guys. Two guys that had an equal chance to get their message out.

This is not that election.


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