Across the Aisle


So, that’s it. Right? The election is over. We have to wait 3 years and 6 months before everyone on the internet all of a sudden thinks that they know everything there is to know about politics, without being able to speak about anything specific that actually happened within that same time frame. Oh, the splendid nature of life in ignorance. The careless and stress-free life I envy so much, and yet I don’t at all.

You see, I like politics. I love history, and for me, keeping up with politics is like reading the script for that next big, awesome action movie that everyone is so excited about, but hasn’t seen yet because the movie hasn’t been produced. I’m am entirely thrilled to know that one day I will read in a history book, the events that occurred during my lifetime. Ones that I knew about; As. They. Happened.

So I’m weird. I get it.

Now to the point. President Obama was re-elected as President of these United States. The first African American President has done it again! Am I excited, or not? I don’t know. The point is, in his victory speech, President Obama said some things that made me actually optimistic about the future, in a reserved sort of way. The President, in a gesture of bipartisan efforts, extended Gov. Mitt Romney the invitation to sit down and talk policy. He was even kind enough to give reason to the brutal campaign that had taken place. He said that while the fight was bitter, it was only because the two loved their country so much. Quite nice.

But ultimately, I don’t expect much to actually come about from this potential meeting, if it were to actually occur. But, I just as much hope that it occurs nonetheless. The reason for my feeling towards this is: It is going to set the standard for the bipartisan efforts of the next 4 years. Republicans, as childish as they have been in the last 4 years, need to realize that if they want to maintain majority in congress, and maybe gain back some of the seats they lost in the senate, they need to do something that anyone outside of  government would call governing. Instead of crying about losing the Presidential election, twice now, they need to prove to the American people that they are better at the job.

You cannot prove that you are better fit for the job, if you refuse to do your job in the first place.

I am hoping that President Obama’s gesture will be well received in the Republican party. I hope that Mitt Romney, if he cares about the future of his party, takes the President up on his offer, and offers glowing comments about the experience. I hope that Obama incorporates something from Romney’s policy, to prove he really wants to move forward with a bipartisan effort.

All of this should not be necessary, but I’m afraid that without it, Republicans will not play nice.


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