Obesity and Hypocrisy


Okay. I’m clearly not writing about obesity; That would be too easy. “Don’t be obese.”

This is much more complex than that. This past year, New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg, gained national attention, though few in the state actually knew about it, by passing a law banning what I would call excessively sized soft drinks and other beverages. This was done as an initiative to curb the overwhelming obesity epidemic within the city’s limits, let alone the rest of the country. Many around the country applauded the efforts put forth by Mayor Bloomberg, while others were outraged.

Social conservatives.

Conservatives and Republicans cannot stand big, intrusive government; That’s what they tell us anyways. The argument put forward by these social conservatives followed the lines of: “This is America, land of the free. If I want to drink a 5 liter Pepsi in one sitting, and get incredibly fat, that should be my right!” and “Government should not have the ability to tell me how to live my life, especially when it only affects my personal life.”

And, that’s a good argument (healthcare costs covered by the public aside.). An argument I am inclined to agree with. But, here is where things start to get a little choppy.


Black. Color code #000000.

Social conservatives often base their feelings in the political sphere on religion, and in religion black is synonymous with sin. According the Holy Bible, sin is sin; Meaning none is worse that the other, all is hated by God. Yet, this doesn’t seem to be the case in practice.

Social conservatives become outraged when they hear about Mayor Bloomberg’s “Soda Ban,” and are ready and willing to protect the people’s right to stuff their gullets.

Gluttony: Color code #000000. Sin. But, “You should have the right to do it!”

Let’s introduce: Homosexuality. Color code #000000. Sin. But somehow, “You shouldn’t have the right to do this!”

You see, black is black. #000000 is not any blacker than #000000. Sin is sin, and God hates all sin. Any other notion is based on the human construct of self righteousness, by which we can say that “my blackness is not nearly as dark as your blackness, and I am therefore a better person than you! Right?”

Wrong. You cannot politically defend one sin by saying America is free, and then politically deny another in the next breath based on religious beliefs. Both are immoral, both are sin.

Perhaps social conservatives are not nearly as conservative as they thought?


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