An Actual Waste of Money

So in my last post I asked you, dear reader, how it would be possible to actually “waste money.” I am sure that many of you reading this have your opinions on what is a waste, and how our government handles it’s money. But, as mentioned in my last post, I think it is incredibly difficult to waste money; nearly impossible. And, realistically, I honestly think that there is only one way in which this country actually wastes money. How?


Making money.

That’s right. The only waste of money that I can think of, is money itself. You see, paper and coined money are worthless. They have absolutely no value as money. We do not trade dollar bills for products based on the value of the paper that bill is printed on. As a matter of fact, they are nothing more than a worthless representation of something that actually has worth. So not only is paper and coined money worthless, it actually subtracts from the value of the valuable item it is supposed to represent. The government actually has to spend some of the valuable resource in order to make the worthless representation of the valuable resource which subtracts from the original value of the valuable item. Now that is a very wordy way to describe what is actually happening, but it is the most efficient way I can think of to describe what is actually happening, and that says a lot about how ridiculous this system actually is.

If you scour the inter-webs, you will find many people who suggest abolishing the penny, and many even suggest abolishing the penny, nickel, and dime. They make great arguments as well. The best arguments I have heard tell the story of the half cent, and how it was abolished for having too little value even though, at the time it was abolished, it had more buying power than the current value of the dime. I would suggest, however, abolishing paper and coined money altogether. Plastic and NFC are much better, and much more efficient options. Not only are they more efficient, but they are also paid for by companies like Visa and MasterCard for plastic and Samsung and LG for NFC.

So, plastic and NFC are faster, more efficient, and free for the government. Seems like a better option to me.


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