A Sensible Reaction

Today, just one day after the horrific incident in Newtown, many are glued to their television sets, waiting in anticipation for any new bits of information coming through the airwaves. Depending on which news stations you are watching (I am convinced none are truly better than the other, but instead just lean different ways with bias) you might be hearing something along the lines of tighter gun control might have avoided the massacre as we now know it. Now, that could be true, based merely on speculation, but based on facts it it simply does not hold any weight.


I would like to introduce you to a country. This country’s name is China. In China, the government control all firearms, and it is illegal to privately own one. The only way in which someone can legally carry weapons is to be a member of police, hunt on government dictated hunting lands, or go to a shooting rage (a privilege that probably only those of the National Shooting team gets.). Nonetheless, you do not have access to a  gun unless the government actually hands you one, the chances of which are slim to none, in that nation of billions.

Now based on this argument, in China, a nation without guns, an atrocity such as the elementary school shooting would never happen, right? Well, no. Not quite. Not long ago, a man forcibly broke his way into an elementary school in China and stabbed 15 students and one teacher with a knife. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the next month, another man in another part of China, forcibly entered another elementary school and stabbed 29 children, two teachers, and a security guard.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Here’s the thing, and I’ve said it before. Crazy people are crazy. They will be crazy no matter what. If somebody decides that they want to kill a bunch of innocent and defenseless people, there is little to nothing that anybody can do about it, and guns have little to do with that decision. The fact is, we live in a violent society, and so long as that is the case, we will have to put up with people that take it too far.


4 thoughts on “A Sensible Reaction

  1. Typically speaking, you’re more likely to survive being shot in the stomache than being stabed in the stomache, due to the force in and force back out. Bullet holes are much tidier and smaller than stabbing wounds. Typically speaking or course.

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