A Dose of Pessimism

This week has been interesting to say the least. A large percentage of my free time has been dedicated to thinking about our government and its actions. First: Guantanamo Bay. Second: IRS scandal.

Let me preface this post with the fact that I am proud to be an American. I love my country. I am proud of its achievements (Religious, human rights, ect.). I am proud of what this country symbolizes: freedom, prosperity, representation. America did not introduce inalienable rights, but it was the first to implement them so thoroughly to its people. America has stood, longstanding I might add, as an example to the world.

But, this leads me to my point. When does and idea become nothing more than an idea? At exactly which point is it where actions truly speak louder than words?

It is absolutely no secret that Guantanamo Bay is a filthy leech that tarnishes the character of this country and everything it supposedly stands for. Those who support it do not truly understand its meanings, or perhaps its function. Guantanamo Bay is not a prison system for “the worst of the worst” or any other form of reason to excuse the inexcusable actions that take place at that facility. Guantanamo Bay is everything the United States claims not to be, neatly gathered into one package continually approved by the U.S. government, in spite of the values we all say we harbor. Many of those held in Guantanamo Bay have never been convicted of any crime. Many have never participated in any terrorist groups, or even engaged in violent acts towards the United States. Many found themselves at Guantanamo Bay because of bounties placed on them in whichever country they came from.

In my last post I talked about actions that are “perceived as weakness to those who would wish to get the better of us.” Guantanamo Bay is exactly this. Many declining empires of the past have had to switch to violence and force as a means of keeping power. To “those who would wish to get the better of us,” the complete abandonment of “core values” is a sign that they are winning, whether that is the message we are trying to send or not.

When it comes to the IRS scandal, most of which is unproven at this point, it is a shame that it did not surprise me when I heard of the news. If this nation was everything it claimed to be, would I have not expressed doubt at the news of the IRS’s unfair targeting of conservative (right) groups, and the potential of the left leaning White House involvement? But no, I did not doubt it. I was not surprised or even taken aback. More or less, I just assume it is true. Why?

Because actions do, in fact, speak louder than words. America, as wonderful as it is, is not what it claims to be. We are plagued with corruption at the highest levels of government, and under educated at all levels of citizenship. This is a recipe for disaster. Our government is able to run unchecked because its people don’t know to even question it. Representatives know that they can get reelected simply by affiliating themselves with the right party, regardless of their actions. Presidents know they can pass the buck and promise the world to get elected. The media reinforces our ignorance by focusing on silly topics like the President’s view on gay marriage, even though the federal government has no place in marriage laws but instead state governments.

America has become clueless, ignorant, and frankly stupendously stupid and lazy about understanding its government. It’s education system is failing miserably when teaching government. The youngest generation, my generation, is hopelessly lost, uniformed, and often misinformed about government. Few have even read the constitution, despite the fact it is so short it can be read in one sitting.

There is absolutely no excuse for this level of ignorance, and it leaves me with little hope of restoring this nation and its legacy. America will not crumble. It will not topple. But it will never be America; Land of the free and home of the brave of times past, ever again.