Shutdown Aftermath

The government is open again. After two weeks, the United States government actually figured out how to accomplish something. But, what does it all mean? Was anything actually accomplished? What did we learn?

Most of all, what happens next?

Many of you know, at least I would hope, that one of the building blocks of this blog is the stand against the traditional two party political system that the United States has clung on to, despite its horrific inability to govern such a diverse country effectively. This ineffectiveness was embodied in the government shutdown. As outlined in my previous post, the so called “Republican” party is simply too diverse to even agree with itself to come to the table to debate any stance. Party leaders call members of their own party “wacko birds,” while “Republicans”, which are really members of the Tea party and Libertarianism, call members of their own party soft, liberal, and satist.

The one thing that came out of this, more than anything else I have noticed, is that everyday Americans began to pay attention to and take a stance on government. It doesn’t matter which side of favor they fall on concerning the shutdown, whether pro or con, more than I can remember at any other point, people are taking a passionate stance. Some have taken the liberty to call it a “great awakening.” I hope this is true. I honestly hope that this was the fulcrum at which the scales will begin to turn. For far too long, the American population has been lax, at best, when paying attention to and holding accountable their government representatives. Most don’t even know who those people are.

I like to see people upset by our governments shortcomings. Because they are so upset by this one specific case, perhaps they will become aware of some of its others. There are many, I assure you. What I want to see the most though, is the influx of politically minded electorate that overwhelms the traditional two party political system. I believe that the republican party is on the verge of this. If the party becomes any more diverse, it will have no choice but to disband into two, or even three different parties. The political left isn’t too far from this either, with the Green Party, liberals, and even a democratically elected socialist in the U.S. Senate. (Bernie Sanders in case you were curious.)

My point is merely this. The United States is far too diverse to believe that two political parties could possibly represent 100% of the population effectively. It doesn’t matter which side of the isle you find yourself on, left or right, you will always have differing opinions, whether social, monetary, or foreign policies, than others in your party. If we can develop parties that more effectively cater to the specific views of those they supposedly represent, individuals will stand to be better represented in their government.


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