Thanksgiving: A Consumer Holiday

If your social media is anything like mine, your feeds are filled with people complaining about “Black Friday” deals creeping into Thursday, Thanksgiving day. These people make a fairly strong point. On a holiday designed to give thanks for the things we already have, retail chains encourage us to lose our minds with consumer envy. This is quite a reversal of mindset.

No matter how you feel about the actions millions take on Black Friday, it is an important day for many retail chains and our overall economy. “Black Friday” is a very specific name for what it has come to mean. It is the Friday in which many of retail stores come “out the red,” or out of debt, and “into the black,” or into profits. While you may not be privy to someone profiting from you, this is exactly what drives our economy. We live in a consumer economy that depends on people buying and circulating their money. Almost everything in the economy is driven by buying and selling.

So, as you may or may not be making your trips into your local Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, or whatever other store, take a moment to be thankful that you have the ability to do so. Be thankful you live in a country that gives you the freedom to do so, and that you have the extra capital to buy your new gadgets. Take a moment to be thankful for family and the people who have helped you throughout the year. Be thankful for your jobs and the food with which you have probably just gorged yourself.

But, go ahead and buy. Buy within your means, but buy nonetheless. The economy will thank you for it.

Most of all, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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