An Interesting Take on Gun Control

Watch: Ed — A Petition For Stronger Gun Laws

I know, its a topic we’ve all heard enough about. But, this 30 second ad actually had me thinking. Whether you agree with it or not, I encourage you to take a look. If you lean anti-guns, what’s to lose? If you lean pro-guns, take a look and give it some thought. If you agree or disagree, share in the comments!


2016 Election: GOP Disappointment

I’ve been oddly quiet about this election. In the past, the mere thought of an election year, let alone one coinciding with the presidential election, would fill me with exuberance. I’d be lying if I suggested I wasn’t excited at first, though. I sat down at my television a full half hour before the first GOP debate, overcome with tamed, but very present glee. That glee, however, quickly diminished. It became abundantly clear; the GOP is helpless.


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