“The Donald”

I have already made this clear. I do not particularly care for any of the presidential candidates for 2016. Among these, I find Donald Trump to be the most intriguing. It amazes me that he still garners such wide support while providing little to no answers on any of his supposed policies. While I do find Donald Trump to be an endless source of entertainment, he is entirely ill-equipped to hold the office for which he is running.

The most glaring issue I find with Trump is his polarizing personality. It should be seriously considered whether or not the traits that many right wing-ers embrace about “The Donald” will also be viewed favorably by moderate voters. Clear comparisons can be drawn between Trump’s persona and many of the talking heads of conservative news outlets. While many conservatives may find themselves right at home within this medium, it should not be forgotten that these types of news outlets are not often viewed favorably with moderate or left leaning voters. It is easy to forget about the important role these voters play in deciding elections while still in this early stage of the election process. It should be important to not get caught up in the microcosm the caucuses and primaries create.

Furthermore, Trump’s reputation should be considered. It is easy to point to Trump’s success in business, which is certainly not without merit. But, running for the same party that has endlessly ridiculed Obama for the way that he is seen and respected by the outside world, the Republican Party seems to have done an about-face regarding this topic with their support for “The Trump.” Chief among the publicized endorsements of Donald Trump are the likes of Vladimir Putin and Sarah Palin. Nothing more should need to be said. Much of Europe has little to no respect for him either. After questionable comments about screening and barring Muslim immigrants/refugees entrance into the United States, politicians in England debated their own ban preventing Donald Trump from entering England.

It remains to be seen how Trump plans to achieve many of his campaign talking points. Part of me would absolutely love to see how he would get Mexico to build “the wall.” He says he supports universal healthcare, but would repeal the Affordable Care Act. He has offered no answers about HIS plan for healthcare. On Russia, he has offered nothing more than that he thinks he and Putin could be friends. If you are one that looks for actual content in speeches and debates, there is none to be had with Trump unless you are looking for the results of the most recent polls. On the whole, Trump’s plan to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is without answers, explanation, or good fashion sense.



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