“Welp;” It Happened

I cannot think of a time where my interest in politics has ever been so lackluster or lethargic. The nature of this election cycle, with two major party candidates with views both equidistant from that of my own, only served to repel many, including myself, from the political machine. The few times that I did motivate myself to write, I did so with a harsh bent for the political right, and specifically for Donald Trump. I thought to myself; “There is no possible way that this man can win!”

Now it has happened. Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States of America. As I watched the inauguration, I watched in still stupor, dazed by the events occurring on the screens before me. I’ll even admit; I asked my Google device “Who is the President of the United States?” moments after he took his oath of office, just to make sure. But, now it is so, and the American people are working toward how they will function during this “new normal,” some finding more effective ways than others.

The day of the inauguration, 217 people were arrested in the violent protests in D.C., which left six police officers injured. Just one day later, as 500,000 marched in D.C. alone, not one was arrested. And, in the estimated 2 million that marched in major cities across the country, only four arrests have been reported. As it usually is with Trump, I’ve found myself being somewhat surprised by what he has had to say, and then the next moment shaking my head.

The first example is perfectly reasonable, and beyond that, is seemingly “un-Trump” in the sense that is is supportive of something that does not support him. But, the truth of the matter is that the “real Trump” always seems to come through, however ignorant of the facts. In the interest of clarity, both of these tweets were posted on January 22nd, so the “yesterday” he is referring to in the second example is the women’s march. To anyone who pays attention to politics, it would seem that the following should be true:

It is entirely unbecoming for President Trump to question whether a group of people did or did not vote or even their motivation to do so, when he lost the general election by nearly 2.9 million votes.

If you, the reader, would grant me this opportunity to be a bit facetious, and perhaps incredibly assumptuous while suggesting to President Trump that maybe, just maybe, the enormous crowds that protested across the country on January 22nd should represent to you the exceeding margins (greater than 2 million) by which you lost the popular vote.


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