About Dan Ganoung

As a student through middle and high school, I despised history and politics. This, perhaps, was an overflow of my hatred of school as a whole. My junior year of high school, however, something changed. History all of a sudden became interesting. Current events became captivating. Politics just came with the territory. It wasn’t until my junior year of college, though, that I began to actually question what I believed politically. Growing up in an abnormally conservative region of the country, going to a conservative church, and growing up listening to people bash “liberals,” I never questioned the GOP.

Today, I still call myself conservative, but I do not agree with today’s Republican party. Influences such as the Tea Party have, in my opinion, set the Republican party on a jet car to the right.

I began to question American politics as a whole. I studied American and world history and American and world politics in college, and it left me questioning why Americans have clung to a two party political system that has never served us well. It seems to me that Americans today have given into the notion that there are only two types of people in this country, and by no means should they EVER agree on anything.


One thought on “About Dan Ganoung

  1. When demoCRAP(s) deliberately vote in CRAPublican Primaries to keep a long term demoCRAPublican Party Incumbent from loosing to a Tea Party Candidate, then you know that the Republic has been an Oligarchy since 1963-JFK-Day.

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